Medical support

At the back of the dignifiedbenevolent art that treats human life, there are other noble hands of soundless support.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Nursery

High-risk neonates from mother having diabetes, thyroid disorders and premature rupture of membranes, of small or large for gestational age, intra-uterine growth retardation, post-term, respiratory distress, infections, hyperbilirubinemia, seizures, congenital anomalies and prematurity are totally dependent

Intentsive Care Unit

As to the critical patients, intensive and extensive care should be given by the trained specialists with advanced medical appliances. Experts of diversity for critical care are keeping patients against the

Health Promotion Center

Experts in the center are trying their best to perform early diagnosis and prevention through precise examination and diagnosis using cutting-edge medical equipments and facilities, and lead to a healthy lives. With the pride as the first and the best, we feel the responsibility

Home Care Center

For whom discharged from hospital are still in need of help, visiting regularly, nursing experts exert themselves to care and to keep communication between hospital and patient at home. Especially, as for those with chronic diseases such as stroke, chronic obstructive lung disease and cancers, we are trying to

(YRC) Referral center(YRC)

As the center of the referral network from general practices around the province of Deagu-Kyungbuk, YRC takes charge of building system, arranging patients, managing and keeping affiliates in contact, and always tries to provide precise information promptly for patients

Department of Medical Information(data processing)

With development of OCS, PACS and MIS to provide Speed, Accuracy, Kindness, Enjoyment for end users of Yeungnam University Medical Center Total Information System, we are striving for advanced versatile services with Wide Area Medical Information System and Internet Reservation Service. (

Department of social service

Aside of direct medical treatment, there is another help that makes it more effective, social service activities, which also might be crucial for smooth returning to the society. Through the coordinated work of mendical and social faculties against the problem that accompanied the patients and their family, we are doing our best to find out if there is any help to them.

Nursing Department

To live up to practice the Spirit of Nightingale and the Bill of Patients Right, the 700 nursing members devote themselves at the patients beside. And also enhancing the level of nursing with continuous education and training in

Department of Patients Affairs

Cepartment of Patients Affairs is committed in leading The best medical center in Yeung-nam region having public confidence by customers satisfaction, is our vision through providing the best possible patient care to pediatric and adult patients. Likewise, we have to bring into effect the best services to the patients, proper profits to the hospital,

Medical Library

In the medical library, there is a variety of collections and data requuired to cultivate essential knowledge for education, research and treatment. And establishing web based searching system, it is available for anyone to use lots

Convenient Facilities

Every possible service is being desingned for the clients, Visitors can help themselves for convenience at a bank, restaurants, a convenience atore, a coffee shop, a bakery, a medical appliance shop and a hair salon on the first floor of the main building also at Yeugeuigwan.


The invisible and soundless concerns about patients, volunteers as guardians and healthcare workers are helping to make the hospital more lively and